Motivation beginnt jeden Tag von vorne

Dass Dinge nicht von alleine passieren, generell nicht und gerade wenn man selbständig ist oder dies vorhat, hört man an allen Ecken und Enden. Und dennoch ist es so, dass man sich in seinem alltäglichen Leben nicht ständig „Motivationspredigten“, wie beispielsweise „Die beste Zeit etwas zu beginnen ist nicht morgen, sondern heute!“, anhört oder durchliest.

Das hat viel damit zu tun, weil man in dem Moment wieder den Spiegel vorgehalten bekommt und in sich genau weiß, dass man schon wieder etwas auf morgen verschoben hat oder gerade „kommenden Montag“ damit anfangen wollte.

Trotzdem ist die einzige Lösung, dies zu ändern und Dinge umzusetzen, ständige Wiederholung und andauernde Selbst-Motivation.

Deshalb für kommende Woche ein kleiner Textauszug aus einem Blog-Artikel:

Have you ever seen an ad in the local paper „Make XXX per month, call now for more details!“ only to ring up and find out that it is distributing catalogues, then forget it because we can’t be bothered with the physical effort of going out there and doing the work.
And YET we still read the success stories – remember these stories have to be true because it’s false advertising. I think these people have worked hard and earned every single penny by putting in and sticking with it.
Bought an e-book promising to make money? Next you have to read it and implement the ideas to actually bring in the ‚lolly. It won’t make you a penny left unread on your hard drive.
The same goes for many things – education, just because someone got into Oxford or Harvard doesn’t mean they’ve got their degree. Next comes the hard work, graft and study to GET OUT the results they want.
Again – fitness DVD’s will not get you fit by sitting there on your shelf. I would be sure that 99% of all diets work if the person doing it committed 100% and followed it to the letter.
My point is TAKE ACTION, don’t wait around for something to come from nothing.
It won’t. Whatever your goal, STICK WITH IT because sometime things don’t happen straight away or go right first time, it’s a case of getting determined and persevering. Keep going.

Life is for living – how boring not to give it your all. Imagine the satisfaction and
results when you do stick with it and the momentum that you will attract and create!
Is there ever a ‚right‘ or ‚perfect‘ time? NO. That makes NOW ideal!
As Mike Litman says in Greatness Held Hostage „You don’t have to get it right,
you just have to get it going.“

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